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We are a company that specializes in the production & sale of renewable energy sources to include the cultivation of plant oils such as castor, peanuts, soy and others.
We also supply a multitude of industries with a number of products to include the pharmaceutical industry by more than 700 uses ranging from medicines to cosmetics along with substituting petroleum in the manufacturing of Biodiesel, plastics and lubricants.

Green Group
System Ecologica is the Bosnian-based subsidiary of Better Energy Solutions Today (B.E.S.T. Inc.), a US Bio-fules Corporation with offices in Los Angeles, New Yourk Nairobi and Bosnia and Herzengovina.

Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is America's leader in biodiesel fuel innovation and the world leader in its producion technology. Our advanced proprietary technology provides greater efficiencies in producion, thus creating higher yields at a lower cost than traditional biodiesel production.
Biodiesel has the highest energy-in, energy-out ratio of any domestic transportation fuel.

For every one unit of fossel energy needed to produce biodisel, 5.5 units of energy are gained. Biodiesel production reduces waste water by 79 percent and hazardous waste by 96 percent compared to diesel. A to-go latte takes 26 times more water to produce than a gallon of biodiesel.

Biodisel protects human health, reducing particulate matter by 47 percent and cancer-causing compounds by 80 to 90 percent.

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CASTOR OIL, is the worlds most versatile green engegy source with many benefits and uses. It is not an edible plant, therefore it does not compete as a food source.

It is used to lubricate motors in racing cars, in airplanes and in the production of plastics.

Biofuel Cells in Implantable Medical Devices analyzing the differences between several kinds of biofuel cells.